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uglybetty's Journal

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Ugly Betty
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Welcome to uglybetty, the first and biggest community out there on LJ dedicated to the hit show!
Here you will find the latest news, photos and media on the multi-talented and great cast of "Ugly Betty".
info & rules.
× Your mod is anti_muggle.

× No stealing of other users' graphics. The end.

× Don't forget to join! Some posts might be viewable only to members.

× Moderators reserve the right to delete any posts or ban any member should the need arise.

× Feel free to contact the mods with any problems, concerns or comments related to the community.

× No advertising or spamming. If you have an Ugly Betty-related community it's allowed; any others, no.

× You're welcome to post anything UB related you have such as: news, photos, quotes, lyrics, graphics, etc.
If you're posting large or multiple items, please use the lj-cut tag.

× No bashing of the show and its actors/actresses of any kind or of other members will be tolerated.

× Every Thursday, there will be a post made by a mod before the start of the newest episode of UB.
Random thoughts & running commentary for the episode being aired should be posted as a reply to the
episode post,so as to not completely inundate your friends list with UB-related posts.
Please double check before posting in as to not spoil anyone.
If you wish to be an affiliate or view the affiliates list, this is the post.

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