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New Becki and Michael Interview

Marc and Amanda Talk Betty and the Big Move

Resolved: Marc and Amanda are hands-down the best thing about Ugly Betty. All in favor, say aye. (AYE!)

If you're the spoilsport who debates this assertion, I welcome your remarks on the topic in the comments—but seriously, these two are lightning in a bottle, and I adore them.

Lucky for me then that Michael Urie and Becki Newton, the players who bring us the awesomeness of Marc and Amanda, had time at the Monte Carlo TV Fest in Monaco to talk about their characters, their missing boyfriends and father figures, the big move to New York and what really keeps these two trapped at their desks. Click in for the goodies!

Will we see more of Marc's boyfriend Cliff, and will Amanda have more Gene Simmons moments?
Michael Urie: They don't tell us anything because they know we will tell you, but I'm told that Cliff will be coming back, and there will be more storylines between us. We haven't seen him for awhile, so I'm assuming that everything's good.
Becki Newton: As far as the Gene Simmons storyline, I think for now it's closed since we found out he's not Amanda's father.
M.U.: Maybe he's Marc's father?

How is the house hunting in New York going? Are you still determined to live next door to each other?
M.U.: On her couch, if I can. I haven't even started.
B.N.: The move to New York is very sudden. We've only known for maybe a month. Fortunately, I have lived in New York and maintained a residence, so my house hunting is going really well.
M.U.: I haven't even started looking. I'll probably stay with Vanessa Williams, but she'll put me to work. I've been traveling for three weeks, so I guess I'll start [looking] on Friday.

Which guest stars would you like to see next?
M.U.: It's very exciting that we're moving to New York for lots of reasons. We had great guests stars in L.A. for sure, but now that we're in New York we'll have theater actors that really get the style and over-the-top essence of the show.
B.N.: I think also because New York is really where the fashion world exists, where there are certain cameos where people play themselves that add to the reality of the fashion world, I think there will be a lot more opportunities for people like Naomi Campbell or models to appear as themselves, which makes Mode appear more like a real magazine.

Will your characters graduate from being assistants next season?
B.N.: I don't think Amanda will ever get promoted.
M.U.: And I don't think Marc will ever take a job that's not the bidding of Wilhelmina. So no promotions.

—Reporting by Bryan Reesman

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