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David Blue autograph for charity


I hope this is OK! David Blue was kind enough to donate a completely adorable autograph & photo to be auctioned off for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

He wrote the message "If you’re supporting this wonderful cause, I hereby pledge my undying love to you" along with his autograph. At which point my crush was officially cemented. :)
Anyway, the auction is live and the details as well as the photo of him holding the message that comes with the autograph can be found HERE!

Your purchase will be completely tax deductible and will help make a difference in the life of someone facing medical crisis!

Thank you!
Ugly Betty :: Becki & Michael.

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America Ferrera married longtime boyfriend Ryan Piers Williams on Monday, and we have pix of the "Ugly Betty" star's "I Do's" with her college sweetheart!

America wed her fiancé at "Ugly Betty" co-star Vanessa Williams' estate in Chappaqua, NY in front of approximately 100 guests and family. Guests attending the nuptials included America's 'Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants' co-stars Blake Lively (without rumored beau Leonardo DiCaprio), Amber Tamblyn and Alexis Bledel alongside "Ugly Betty" pals Mark Indelicato, Judith Light (who officiated the ceremony) and Rebecca Romijn (with her husband Jerry O'Connell).

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Deadline Hollywood Interviews 'Ugly Betty' Creator Silvio Horta

This weekend, the 2011 National Association of Latino Independent Producers Conference is meeting in Newport Beach. Now in its 12th year, the confab is attended annually by Latino actors, executives, producers, and those interested in Latino film and television content. This year's theme is “The New Now: Defining the Future Together”. But the most recent TV report card from the National Latino Media Council accused the four major TV networks of declining Latino diversity both in front of and behind the camera. “This was a terrible year for Latinos at the networks,” summed up NMLC president Alex Nogales. And among broadcast pilots for the 2011-2012 season, there's only the CBS pilot starring Rob Schneider as a confirmed bachelor who has just married into a tight-knit Mexican-American family, and Fox's Little In Common which includes a Latin family. The last Latino show on a network was ABC's telenovela adaptation Ugly Betty which debuted to critical acclaim in 2006 but never enjoyed the network's full support. When it was cancelled a year ago, Deadline TV contributor Diane Haithman first talked with its 36-year-old showrunner Silvio Horta and then again after the NLMC report card came out:

DEADLINE: What are your thoughts about the National Latino Media Council’s network report card?
SILVIO HORTA: Look, I think there are 50 million Latinos in the U.S. To have more Latino faces and more Latinos working in the industry would seem not just good for diversity, it seems like good business. Personally, I’d rather see accurate and well-done portrayals, and a really thought-out process to create an infrastructure for hiring. That for me is more important than just filling the slots. I don’t want to see more Latino reality TV actors for a cook-off or something. That’s ridiculous. It’s a bigger conversation than an A,B,C, or D grade.

DEADLINE: Ugly Betty is now rerun on the TV Guide Network. But it’s easy to forget the huge amount of press that surrounded the ABC debut of this show based on the Colombian telenovela Yo Soy Betty, La Fea.

HORTA: It was a great show that I think made its imprint more than some shows, but I didn’t get the impression that was happening. It’s funny, as I was going through it, it didn’t hit me. You are just so busy. You’re in your own bubble, you are just trying to get the thing right, to get the scripts ready. Once the show went off the air, I’ve gotten some perspective. I’ve only recently gotten a sense of what it was. For me, it was important that they be a Latino family, an immigrant family, but that they not be all one-dimensional. I think everyone could relate to these people, and yet they were very specific to who they are and where they are from, without the drum roll: Heeeere’s the Latin character. Heeere’s the gay character. The point of the show was not putting everyone in a box. Everyone is who they are. Wilhelmina is African American, Betty is first generation Mexican American, and Justin was gay. But the show wasn’t about that.

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ugly betty mood picspam

This is a general cast Ugly Betty picspam I created for the most recent challenge at picspammy.  The theme for this month was a mood theme based picspam, so here it is.  I used images from all four seasons and it focuses, for the most part, on characters that appear throughout the series (i.e. Betty, Amanda, Marc, Daniel, Wilhemina, Claire, and the Suarez family).  Translation: with the exception of a few images, Betty's romantic pairings, and any other characters' for that matter, are not highlighted.

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Ugly Betty cast helping Japan!

I want to let you guys know about something very exciting!

Ugly Betty's Michael Urie, Rick Fox, and director Michael Spiller are among the wonderful celebrities who have agreed to participate in an awesome online auction to raise money for the disaster relief in Japan! Fans will be able to bid for the chance to receive personalized voice messages (possibly YouTube vids) from their favorite celebs! It will all be taking place HERE...


Please check out the comm, spread the word, and we hope to see you when the bidding starts in about a week!
Ugly Betty :: Butterfly Betty.

Weekends just got Bettyer!

Ugly Betty is back!

Ok, it´s not coming back with new episodes if that´s what you are looking for, but Ugly Betty is coming back to make weekends “fabulosos”!

What do you think about Ugly Betty coming back on weekends to DADT – Disney-ABC Domestic Television? Will you watch it again?

EDIT: The channel is ABC